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Capillary Grass Arenas

10X Stronger Grass Surface

Increased ROI

Less irrigation & maintenance means lower costs. Our technology maximizes the grass wear tolerance allowing you to get the most out of your investment. Plus, there are no hidden costs.

Conserve Water

Our system uses up to 85% less water, and still produces a better and stronger grass surface. Less fertilizers and more automation means less costs and work.

Perfect Drainage

To be able to ride on the grass you need the best possible drainage. No other system drains faster than the Capillary Hydroponic system, meaning you can ride regardless of weather conditions.

Maintain Consistent Conditions of Natural Equestrian Turf

The equine industry still regularly utilizes grass footing for a variety of equestrian events including dressage, show jumping, eventing and horse racing. This type of surface, while natural and visually appealing, relies strictly on adequate weather to ensure it is safe for schooling, showing or turnout. Capillary Equestrian has solved this issue with their patented hydroponic turfgrass system. Designed originally for professional golf course turf, the same technology is perfect for maintaining the condition and health of natural grass riding arenas, jump fields, turf tracks, gallops and more regardless of the environment.

Proper moisture control and drainage of equestrian turf surfaces helps protect the surface from being destroyed by weather or traffic. This is especially crucial in areas that have been compacted to enhance the durability of jump landings. Capillary Equestrian’s system can also be used to maintain the footing of turnout paddocks so they remain available during all weather conditions.

Achieve FEI Show Ring Footing Standards On Grass

Construct New or Amend Existing Grass Equestrian Riding Fields

Whether you are having a brand new turf arena built or just want to upgrade your existing derby field, Capillary Equestrian offers the only technology to meet or exceed FEI footing requirements. These standards are intended to minimize the risk of equine injuries as well as ensure training and show facilities adhere to proper construction and maintenance of grass jumping arenas, XC courses and horse racing turf. 

With the installation of our advanced Hydroponic system with Capillary Concrete, your footing is guaranteed to remain uniform.

Minimize Wear on High-Traffic Grass Arenas

Maintain the Health of Turf Riding Surfaces with Our Subsurface Irrigation System

In order for grass to withstand the incredible wear from riding, the root system must be deep and healthy. Grass roots require water and oxygen to facilitate healthy growth.  To meet the latest FEI standard measuring parameters, the grass must also be grown in the right sand mix. The only system available to provide enough oxygen to the roots in this type of sand is the Capillary Hydroponics system. 

Our patented system automatically regulates the water levels and increases gas-exchange by raising and lowering the water table to produce deeper, healthier roots and higher-quality turfgrass. This innovative underground irrigation technology also eliminates the need for a traditional sprinkler system.

Equestrian Turfgrass Maintenance

Easy Equestrian Turfgrass Maintenance & Fertilization

Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Grass Riding Surfaces

With automated sub-surface irrigation and effective gas-exchange, the need for mechanical aeration from the top is lessened. Also, the system reduces maintenance by automating the delivery of fertilizers and soil amendments, which can easily be measured by the turf manager with a portable EC-meter. 

The closed system also features high-precision fertigation that more cost-effectively applies soil amendments and prevents nutrients and pesticides from leaching into the environment.

Ask Us How to Increase the Longevity of Your Grass Turnouts, Polo Fields, Grand Prix Fields & Racing Turf

Using proven technology for feeding turfgrass and managing water on golf courses, Capillary Equestrian is now creating safer, longer lasting grass riding surfaces. Our hydroponic system offers a simplified watering and fertilizing process to ensure the healthiest, most durable grass riding surface of any system on the market. We’ll work directly with your arena contractor to develop a grass riding surface that maintains the proper moisture levels regardless of environmental conditions. If you are ready to upgrade to a healthy grass field with minimal maintenance requirements, please contact us today for more information.

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