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Capillary Flow

Revolutionizing The Performance & Safety of Horse Arena Footing

Latest Technology for Hydrated Footing

Capillary Flow is the only material on the market with both Macro-pores and Meso-pores. Our innovative design incorporates the most up-to-date technology available that can quickly remove excess water. This process flawlessly maintains the proper moisture levels in any equestrian riding surface.

No More Unsightly Arena Sprinklers or Repairs

The ideal footing for any riding discipline should be fed moisture from below and that is exactly what our sub-surface irrigation system does. Sprinklers tend to create exceptionally inconsistent footing that is excessively wet or overly dry, not to mention how faulty they can be.

Performance and Safety For The Horse & Rider

Regardless of which footing mix is preferred, always having the right amount of water is crucial to the equine athlete´s safety and performance. No other system maintains the firmness and shock absorption like the Capillary Flow system does, reducing injury to your equine athlete.

Meet Our Capillary Flow System with Arena Hydration & Superior Drainage

Eliminate the Hassle of Sprinklers & Drainage Problems

Create your own world-class riding surface or add  to an existing arena with Capillary Flow, the perfect arena solution for controlling moisture levels in any type of equestrian footing. This innovative system is at the forefront of arena watering technology, with greatly enhanced drainage and irrigation control. It is compatible with native soil or any blend of footing material and additives. Our unique arena hydration system provides consistent and automated moisture control from beneath the surface. This virtually invisible system moves water up, down, or sideways according to your footing’s current condition regardless of the weather and without interrupting your training schedule.

Ensure Your Arena Meets FEI Footing Standards with the Capillary Flow System

Designed for All Equestrian Sports

Our newest system will not only precisely regulate the moisture of your footing but will also support the health, performance and safety of your horses.

Arenas built or retrofitted with Capillary Flow offer the most advanced footing technology capable of meeting the following FEI requirements:

  1. Impact Firmness
  2. Cushioning
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Grip
  5. Uniformity

These official FEI footing properties are intended to minimize the risk of equine injuries by reducing concussion, absorbing shock and returning that energy back to the horse therefore improving his or her performance. 

Capillary Flow Resolves Standing Water & Dusty Footing

Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Arenas

Standing water and dusty conditions in riding arenas is a health concern as well as a performance issue. Installed below your choice of footing, our irrigation and drainage base system offers maximum drainage even during the heaviest rains. It is also able to replenish the moisture in your footing as it evaporates, eliminating unhealthy dust clouds while maintaining the perfect hydration level. Rain or shine, Capillary Flow guarantees perfect riding conditions year round.

Elevate Your Arena Footing with Capillary Flow

Invest in a True All-Weather Riding Surface

Capillary Flow employs the exact same patented technology that top golf courses around the world use to control the moisture levels of their turfgrass, bunkers and sand bases. Our automated system provides a consistent, all-weather riding surface from below without interruption. Moving the water to and from your footing and base layers also adds life to your arena, cuts maintenance costs and conserves water. 

Our unique hydration control system can be installed in new arenas or used to upgrade existing equestrian riding surfaces. We’ll work directly with you or your arena builder to provide the best drainage and watering system available for riding surfaces. Perfect for private horse farms, training facilities, Olympic level stadiums, jump fields and even paddocks. Contact us today for more information on this incredible technology or to schedule a free consultation.

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