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Capillary Arenas

Never Worry About Water Ever Again

Increased ROI

Less irrigation & maintenance means lower costs. Our technology also maximizes the life of your arena footing allowing you to get the most out of your investment. Plus, there are no hidden costs.

Conserve Water

Our subsurface irrigation system features an underground drip-line, instead of overhead sprinklers. Water is pushed to the surface as needed eliminating over-watering and reducing evaporation.

Improve Drainage

Our patented Meso micro & macropores within our patented concrete layer quickly facilitates thorough, even draining.The minute holes in the porous material does not permit sand & footing loss, unlike rock bases.

Keep Your Arena Footing Hydrated & Dust-Free

Struggling to maintain consistent footing in arenas or show rings is a common complaint in the horse industry. With our patented arena moisture control system that includes subsurface irrigation and polymer-based concrete, you are guaranteed to have the best riding surface possible during any weather or in any environment. Not only will your ring drain properly, eliminating water pooling or over-saturated footing, it will also maintain moisture levels on even the driest days without the use of traditional arena sprinklers.

Footing that has been optimized with Capillary Equestrian’s unique moisture control system also maintains its firmness and shock absorbing properties. This is a crucial factor in minimizing  concussion of the joints and bones of equine athletes thus reducing the risk of injury.

Introducing Capillary Flow Arena Irrigation System

Subsurface Irrigation & Drainage for Riding Surfaces

Capillary Flow is the latest addition to the Capillary family. Simply put, It is a system that is installed underground and it has been designed to move water up or down as needed. Our revolutionary arena dust and moisture control system continually regulates moisture levels in any type of equestrian footing. It is the next generation of the popular Ebb & Flow system, with greatly enhanced drainage and irrigation control.

Consistent moisture is crucial to present the safest and most manageable footing for your horse, without ever seeing standing water or dust in the arena. This unique sub-surface irrigation technology feeds water from below, replacing unsightly sprinklers that are prone to failures.

Get Started

Achieve FEI Show Ring Footing Standards

Renovate Existing Riding Surfaces or Install in New Arenas

Whether you are having a brand new arena built or just want to upgrade your existing surface, Capillary Equestrian offers the only technology to meet or exceed FEI footing requirements. These standards are intended to minimize the risk of equine injuries as well as ensure training and show facilities adhere to proper construction and maintenance of arena surfaces. 

With the installation of our advanced FEI parameter control system, your footing is guaranteed to be uniform and consistent in all weather conditions, including freezing temps.

Capillary Arena Footing

Adaptable to a Variety of Footing Materials

Works with Equestrian Sand, Footing Additives & Synthetics

Not every riding surface has the same ratio of sand and fiber additives. Every rider has a distinct footing preference, often based on their discipline or hoof traffic. Our drainage and irrigation technology works with arena sand, rubber footing, synthetic additives and with or without fiber. Get safe and consistent results for the life of your arena with Capillary Flow, our innovative moisture management system for equestrian applications.

Ask Us How to Increase the Longevity of Your Show Ring or Arena Footing

Using proven technology for controlling water on golf courses, turfgrass and bunkers, Capillary Equestrian is now creating safer riding surfaces with less maintenance. Our moisture control system is perfect for both indoor and outdoor riding arenas. We’ll work directly with your arena builder to create an all-weather riding surface that maintains the proper moisture levels regardless of environmental conditions. In order to do this, our innovative irrigation system moves water up or down as needed.  If you are ready to permanently eliminate dust, prevent water retention and reduce your footing maintenance, then contact us today for more information.

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