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Capillary Equine Arena Drainage

Capillary Equestrian

Capillary Concrete and Capillary Bunkers proudly introduce the newest products in the Capillary lineup: Capillary Equestrian and Capillary Flow. Building on the success of their drainage and moisture control systems for sports fields, that same innovative design is revolutionizing the way equestrian arena drainage layers and irrigation are designed.

One of the most important aspects of riding arenas is the regulation of moisture. Too much and there are soggy, wet areas and possibly even puddling. Too little and it’s dry and dusty which is unhealthy for both human and horse respiratory systems. To eliminate both footing issues, Martin Sternberg, inventor of Capillary Concrete, along with his wife and professional equestrian, Pia, visualized their innovative material being the perfect partner for maintaining proper footing conditions in arenas and show rings. Not only has the sub-surface drainage and irrigation system been successfully installed in over one hundred arenas, it also meets and maintains FEI standards in all weather conditions.

Meet Capillary Equestrian Founder & CEO: Martin Sternberg

The creative mind behind this unique drainage and irrigation system is Martin Sternberg, CGCS. As a professional golfer and Certified Golf Course Superintendent (CGCS) he is bringing his talent, experience and knowledge of golf course management and construction to the equine world. Having built or restored dozens of golf courses around the world, he developed a solution to maintaining the greens and bunkers that is now being used in arena construction: Capillary Concrete. This polymer-based material is patented and engineered to move water up or down as needed to regulate the moisture in sand, soil or arena footing.

Martin, Pia and their daughters reside in both the United States and Sweden. Pia’s background as a lifelong equestrian and Swedish show jumping rider, lead the dynamic duo to make the connection between the drainage and irrigation needs of both golf greens and riding arenas. With Martin’s soil and moisture control expertise and Pia’s riding background, bringing the successful and well-established patented material to the equestrian sports industry was a move that evolved organically.

Capillary Equestrian Founder & CEO: Martin Sternberg
Risohorse Ebb & Flow System

Incorporating Our Capillary Flow system

Our revolutionary patented Capillary Equestrian material is now available along with our Capillary Flow system. After the sudden and unfortunate passing of Harold Bruce (1965-2020), owner of the well-known Wellington, FL company, Equestrian Footings & Services, Capillary Equestrian acquired the business. We are combining both innovative products to offer one outstanding system that ensures excellent footing conditions are always available regardless of weather conditions.

We are happy to announce that Bruce’s son, Nicholas, has joined the Capillary Family. He possesses over a decade of experience building equestrian arenas and will continue his work with Capillary Equestrian. In doing so, Nick will be honoring his father’s passion for helping the horse community.

Enhancing the Footing of Riding Arenas Around the World

We are headquartered near Orlando, Florida in Celebration which allows us to easily service central and north Florida, including Ocala. We also have an office in the ‘equestrian capital of the world’, Wellington, FL. Our team also maintains international offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Cardiff, United Kingdom. With multiple locations, we are able to deliver our product to arena construction contractors, horse show facilities and equestrians around the world.

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